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About Istanbul Harrogate

Ever since we opened our doors for the first time, it was always our priority offer the best of Turkish cuisine has to offer, while making sure we reach people from all walks of life.

From enjoying morning tea & coffee to sampling the delicious flavours of our evening dishes, Istanbul Harrogate brings deliciously authentic Turkish cuisine to Yorkshire.

Our menu is Turkish oriented but the food is broadly Mediterranean in style. A two course meal can cost as little as £15.99, with £25-30 being the average. Whatever your taste, we have something for you.

Our menus are regularly posted on our website, along with details of special offers and themed evenings. We also plan on hosting a variety of events including live music, dancing and more.

We are all about great times with great people. Come and celebrate your occasion with friends, families and loved ones in the heart of picturesque Harrogate with Istanbul.